Below questions are prepared for your help.

1. What is 3D Casting?
This is a 3D replica of hand and feet captured in meticulous detail and preserved for perpetuity. It is a trend that started after Queen Victoria engaged artists in capturing the hands of her kids. Queen Victoria commissioned marble copies of her children's forearms and feet. The carvings were based on a plaster cast made from moulds taken while the child slept.
3D castings are particularly popular for preserving infant’s hands and feet, adult’s hands and feet and bellies of pregnant women.

2. What material do you use for the moulds? Is it safe for my baby?
Yes. The moulding gel is made from seaweed, is biodegradable and non-toxic. It s absolutely safe for even a day old baby.

3. What if my child has extremely sensitive or dry skin?
We do patch testing for allergy as well as reaction to the product.

4. What are the casts made of? What is the life of this product?
The casts are made of re-enforced clay that is further chemically treated to enhance the end products life. These memories/castings can remain forever.

5. How do we take the impression?
Ideally the process is a two step structure, initially; we take a mould of the baby’s hand with an organic material. Once the shape formed, we use the mould to create a cast which is an exact replica of the baby’s hand/feet.

6. How long does the process take? What if the casting is unsuccessful first time?
The process takes around 30-45 minutes depending upon the co-operation of your baby. We will continue to take casts until we get a cast we are happy with. On rare occasions we may have to take additional cast. This addition will be at no extra cost to you.

7. How do I go about getting a casting done?
Contact us and we will organise it for you.
Mansi Jhaveri
Impressions Forever
Mobile: 9702759222

We have an expert designing team that offers an extensive range of frames, photos and choices. We are happy to come to you wherever you are.

8. How long does the casting session take?
The entire session takes approximately 30-45 mins in total. This will vary depending on the co-operation and age of your child.

9. Is there any age limit?
No. As all our castings are custom made to suit your size of hands and feet we can cast anyone of any age.

10. Will you travel to my city to get my child’s impressions done?
Impressions Forever has a presence in various cities; however if you are based outside these cities, an airfare charge from Mumbai will be added to the quote.

11. What are the charges?
The charges vary depending on your choice and combination of the design. Please get in touch for a personalised quote.

12. When do I pay?
50% is payable at the time of the casting session. The balance is due on collection.

13. What choices do I have for the layout of the framed casting?
As all our castings are custom made to suit your requirements, age of your child, or size of your family, the layout options are endless. Contact your closest franchise for ideas and a quote on your personalised layout.

14. Can I have my casts without frame?
Yes, of course you can! We customize every piece to our customer’s delight.

15. Can I have additional copies of my 3D castings?
Each cast is produced from an original mould that can only be used once to produce one single cast. So if you want additional casts, we need to know at the time of the casting session, as we will need to take additional moulds then.

16. How long does it take before I can collect my final product?
Usually within 15-20 days. We can also provide expedited delivery for an additional cost. Please discuss this with us while booking the appointment.

17. What if I change my mind and not go ahead with the 3D castings after the mould has been taken?
We understand that are times when circumstances change and decisions change as well. However, we have spent time and raw material in getting your order organised. This is a cost that is incurred by our business and it is our business policy to claim it from the deposit that has been paid for the order. So, in such scenario, no refund will be provided from the initial deposit.

18. Can you cast my child or loved one that has passed away?
Yes, many people feel very uncomfortable contacting us to ask if we are able to cast their child’s hand; that has passed. This is definitely possible. Please contact us for an appointment.